joanne: in my own words

Let me sing a song for you,
Please sit and listen to the tune,
This ain't no song of greatness,
But only a voice of a girl,
Singing about her world.

So let me sing a song for you,
Please please please, do listen to the tune,
All I wish is for you to hear me,
As I sing about my days,
Now sing with me if you may.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beautiful Things I've Seen, Heard, Tasted, Smelled and Felt...

... like the early morning dew that formed on the petals of the white lilies.
... like the clouds of mist that spirited across the green fields at the break of dawn.
... like the innocent child who made the grown man cry.
... like the old couple who still adored and loved one another immensely.
... like the joyful smile on the faces of the parents when they witnessed their baby's first step.
... like the sweet taste of candy floss which melted in my mouth.
... like the long lost son who reunited with his family.
... like the sweet melody of the leaves of the trees which rustled in the wind.
... like the sight of white bubbly waves, rolling into the beach.
... like the big brown dog which saved the little kittens.
... like the tears shed by the father when giving away his daughter's hands to her husband-to-be on her wedding day.
... like the feeling of fresh mountain water which flowed under my feet.
... like the Moon which shined luminously in the dark sky above.
... like the pianist at the far end of the hall, playing a melancholic melody.
... like the toothless but contented grin of the homeless old woman who lived under the bridge.
... like the first bloom of cherry blossoms which announced the arrival of Spring.
... like the voice of the lover when he said "I Love You" to her. The whole world just stopped and it was the most beautiful moment ever.

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