joanne: in my own words

Let me sing a song for you,
Please sit and listen to the tune,
This ain't no song of greatness,
But only a voice of a girl,
Singing about her world.

So let me sing a song for you,
Please please please, do listen to the tune,
All I wish is for you to hear me,
As I sing about my days,
Now sing with me if you may.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Aftermath - A Season to Love Again

When she thought that she could not go on living, you gave her a reason to live her life again.
Thank you. I'm happy leading my own life again. It's fabulous because of you.
When she felt cold and lonely, you shared with her your warmth.
Thank you. Your warmth is my companion.
When she sat at a corner feeling sad, you gave her your laughter.
Thank you. Your laughter is the best medicine.
When she was bored, you entertained her.
Thank you. You're a great entertainer.
When she needed a hug, you were always there to hold her.
Thank you. Your hug meant a lot to me.
When she was scared, you gave her courage.
Thank you. I shall not be afraid when I'm with you.
When she lost all faith in love, you reinvented the meaning of it and showed her what it was like to love and be loved again.
Thank you. It's a season to love again.

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