joanne: in my own words

Let me sing a song for you,
Please sit and listen to the tune,
This ain't no song of greatness,
But only a voice of a girl,
Singing about her world.

So let me sing a song for you,
Please please please, do listen to the tune,
All I wish is for you to hear me,
As I sing about my days,
Now sing with me if you may.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Loneliness & Her

Sitting by the window, she stared emptily into the dark heavy clouds above.
Even before it rained, she suddenly felt that the cold was already setting in.
So, she pulled a thick blanket around her to conserve all the warmth she needed.
But it wasn't about the cold from the rain she was trying to avoid.
It was the Cold of being alone.

The rain had finally set in. The sun had disappeared. And she was all alone.
She surrounded herself with a dozen of lit candles.
A fierce fire was already blazing in the fireplace.
She quickly filled the atmosphere with a soft music playing in the background.
But nothing... nothing she did could ever overcome Loneliness that was reigning in her.

Soon, hot tears came streaming down her cheeks.
How she wished there was a hand held out to wipe those precious tears for her.
Her heart was aching and crying out loud, begging for attention.
But no one was around to hear her sorrows - her sorrows of a lost love.

Little did she realize that she had committed herself voluntarily to this living hell.
But deep down, she longed to be loved once again.
She knew this was impossible.
Because no one could ever love her the way he did.
He was irreplaceable.

So, every day, ever since that day, she would sit by the window and stare emptily into the skies above.
The skies were always dark and gloomy, each time threatening to rain.
There was never sunshine nor even a bird chirping in the air; only silence, coldness, numbness, darkness, nothingness...
And of course, there also, was Loneliness.